We offer several options for technical support:

  •  Managed Services - Pay one price and we take care of all the headaches

We are your Chief Information Officer (CIO), your technical support team, your 24 x 7 monitoring solution and we cost less than hiring your own employees. Most issues can be fixed remotely, but we are on-site to install or move equipment and meet with your team as needed.

  • Blocks of Hours - Purchase 'tech time' hours in advance.

You call us when you need us and we give you access to support logs so you know where your hours were used.  Blocks of Hours can be purchased with our Monitoring Service, which helps prevent problems before they happen.

  • Project Based - You know what needs to get done but you don't have the time or resources to do the project internally.

We work with you to create a scope-of-work that describes all the objectives you want accomplished and we give you a proposal to get the job done. 

Every support call is logged in our in-house problem tracking system with details of the problem and resolution. The log is a tool that gives our technical staff a history of issues and helps us formulate recommendations to improve the efficiency and reliability of your system.

‚ÄčYour computer system should respond instantly to the demands of your business. So should the Information Technology Consultants who help you build and maintain it!